Frequently Asked Questions


What is a casting?

After we have submitted Talent for a job. Clients may request you attend a ‘casting’. This may either be in the form of meeting you in person and asking you to have a small chat to camera so Casting Agents can show their Clients, or occasionally this can be done via a screen-test which can be recorded at home.

It is important to dress appropriately for the job you are casting for and to cooperate with requests.

There is often paperwork to fill in upon arrival.  It is important to fill in the accurate details at this time. There is often an opportunity to re-measure yourself but having your comp card with you is definitely handy!

You are not paid to attend castings – but you have to be in it, to win it!


Where will I have to go for jobs/castings?

Most Clients are based in Melbourne CBD. You need to organise your own transport.  All children under 15 will need a parent/guardian accompanying them for the duration. Locations are not always positioned well to public transport so having a car is important.


Do I need to bring anything to a job/casting?

You will receive a brief prior to attending a job or casting outlining what to expect. Some jobs will ask that you bring certain clothes, others will supply everything necessary, including props, etc.

Ensuring your online profile is up to date is essential as Clients get sizing information directly from the Spunkz website.

If a Client books you directly from the website, it is assumed the clothing sizes are correct. If you show up and do not fit the attire, you may be dismissed from the job.


How do I increase my chances for opportunities?

Clients ultimately choose the Talent they deem appropriate for the job.  Agents can’t guarantee work, they can simply represent you in your best possible light and hope that you are selected.

You are always encouraged to update photos, attend acting classes, or learn a new skill which might increase your chances.


What is included in my annual Fee?

Spunkz Staff work exceptionally hard all year round to provide a many opportunities as we can for our Talent.

We provide annual photoshoots for all Talent which are run every 4-6 weeks.  These shoots are designed to achieve a consistent look for your online profiles, and are in line with what out Clients expect.

You will be provided with secure individual login details to the Spunkz website and Talent will also be uploaded to various industry casting websites.  There are no additional charges for this.


How much commission does Spunkz take?

Each Client will be invoiced on completion of the job according to the hours and rate agreed.

The following commission will be deducted from your final payment:

10% Musical Theatre,

15% – Film, TV and Theatre

20% – all other work (including photographic, TV commercials, Internet, catwalk, etc)


How long does it take to get paid?

Clients can take up to 8 weeks to pay after invoicing. We will forward payment via Cheque or EFT once we receive it.


Does I need a Tax File Number or Permits?

Each Client you work for requires an individual Tax File Declaration. (these will be available on shoot locations or emailed through to you at the completion of each job).

As an Agent, Spunkz does not act as your employer, but as a link to providing you with employment opportunities. This means that for each individual Client you work for, you will receive an individual group certificate at the end of the financial year and superannuation from each ’employer’ or ‘client’.

All children that work in the entertainment industry require work permits. These forms will be provided to you prior to a shoot and need to be submitted immediately to Industrial Relations by the employer (Client). These forms usually need to be signed by Parents/Guardians and School Principal (if school age). Your timely efforts getting these signed and returned are appreciated as your child may miss a job opportunity if the permits are not granted in time.


Is my Information Secure?

Our Director worked for Victoria Police for over 12 years. Spunkz consider your privacy and security paramount. All information gathered by Spunkz is used only for our record keeping and Client information. At no time will your personal information be given out to third parties unless requested by the Client for the purposes of confirmed work.

Industrial Relations require working with Children Permits to be completed prior to each job and we are required by law to notify the client of your child’s medical status and school they are attending for child welfare conditions, as indicated on your Agreement.

Our website provides each Talent with their own personal login details so you are only able to access your own information.


What about Supervision?

Spunkz Management is a Child Safe Workplace.  Our statement of commitment is available to view online.

We have zero tolerance for child abuse and are committed to working in your child’s best interests.

Children under 15 years old must have a parent/guardian present at all castings and jobs. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety and professionalism of your own child when on location.

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